The Paraty-Cunha Road

The RJ-165, which connects Paraty with Cunha (SP), is in a good condition and almost finished.

The approximately 10 Km stretch passing through the Serra da Bocaina National Park is now paved and is being turned into a park road. This stretch through the park will be closed every day between 5h30 pm and 7h00 am. The maximum speed allowed inside the park is only 20 km/h and traffic will be monitored to avoid any excess of veículos. Along the road there are overhead and underground passages for animals.

The road has several viewpoints where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape, the landmarks of the ancient Estrada Real (royal road) and the preserved sections of the Gold Trail.

Many local residents have been looking forward to this park road, as it is an elegant but important connection between Paraty’s coastline and the cities of Cunha and Guaratinguetá (Dutra highway).

The first section of this road is called the Circuito Caminho do Ouro (Gold Trail Circuit), and has many beautiful nature attractions, hotels, restaurants, art workshops and some nice tracking for tourists.

Gold Trail Circuit in Paraty

Art, crafts, restaurants, inns, distilleries … This route included some of the main tourist attractions of the region

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