Centro Histórico de Paraty

Beautiful colonial city, considered a National Historical Monument, it preserves until today its countless natural and architectural charms.
Explore on foot the historical Center of Paraty, free of cars , and you will travel back in time, where walking has to be done in a leisurely pace due to the irregular rounded cobblestone pavement of its streets. The construction of its old housing and churches reflect a certain style of that time and the mysterious masonry symbols which decorate its walls, lead our imagination back to the old times of Brazil. The prohibition of motorized vehicles in the Center certainly adds to this feeling of a “time travel”.

The village was founded in 1667 around the Church of “Nossa Senhora dos Remedios”, its patron saint. Paraty (sometimes spelled “parati”) had a significant economic importance due to its sugar cane mills (it used to have over 250 distilleries), and the name “paraty” was at a certain time synonym of a very good sugar cane rum.

In the 18th century, the port of Paraty was an important outlet for the gold and precious stones brought on horseback from Minas Gerais State to be shipped to Portugal. However, constant pirate assaults who took refuge in beaches such as Trindade , led to abandoning the gold route, resulting in a great economic isolation.

After the opening of the Paraty-Cunha road, and especially after the opening of the Rio-Santos Highway in the seventies, Paraty became an attraction for Brazilian and international tourism, due to its good state of preservation and thanks to its natural beauties.

Its area comprises the National Park of Bocaina, the Environmental Protection Area of Cairuçu, where the village of Trindade is located , a place of rare beauty, the Park Reserve of Joatinga; it also has limits with the State Park of Serra do Mar. So, Paraty is surrounded everywhere by the Mata Atlantica, the luscious Atlantic Forest.




De 01 a 24 – Viva o Verão Paraty
06 – Folia de Reis


De 05 a 10 – Carnaval
28 – Aniversário da Cidade


De 20 a 27 – Semana Santa
De 24 a 27 – Encontro de Ceramistas


10 – Meia Maratona de Paraty
De 15 a 16 – Oficina da Paz


De 06 a 15 – Festa do Divino Espírito Santo
De 20 a 22 – Bourbon Festival Paraty
26 – Corpus Christi


03 a 05 – X Terra
De 09 a 12 – Dança Paraty
De 11 a 12 – Festival do Camarão
De 18 a 19 – Aloha Spirit Paraty
De 24 a 03/07 – Festa de São Pedro e São Paulo
De 29 a 03/07 – Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty – FLIP


De 24 a 03/07 – Festa de São Pedro e São Paulo
De 29 a 03/07 – Festa Literária Internacional de Paraty – FLIP
De 08 a 17 – Festa de Santa Rita


De 11 a 14 – Festival da Cachaça, Cultura e Sabores de Paraty
De 30/08 a 08/09 – Festa de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios


De 30/08 a 08/09 – Festa de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios
De 14 a 18 – Paraty em Foco
De 15 a 17 – Festival Aves de Paraty
De 20 a 25 –  Paraty Spa Days


De 07 a 09 – Encontro Ymaguaré
De 14 a 16 – Festival MIMO
De 12 a 23 – Paraty Eco Festival


De 11 a 13 – Folia Gastronômica de Paraty
De 11 a 20 – Desta de São Benedito e Nossa Senhora do Rosário
De 19 a 21 – Encontro de Cultura Negra
De 26 a 27 – Cepilhão Open de Surf


31 – Reveillon




Gold Trail Circuit in Paraty

Art, crafts, restaurants, inns, distilleries … This route included some of the main tourist attractions of the region

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